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Language & Orientation

Language is key to relationships and cultural understanding. As part of your orientation, you will complete a basic course of Thai language learning. You will also be guided through the process of establishing yourself to live in a foreign country.



You will be serving with Project Video Asia team and experiencing the dynamics of media in missions. You will assist in PV projects and may be assigned to one of the internal departments such as communications or training.

Field Placements

We are currently working with more than 14 ethnic studios. You may be placed with a local team of ethnic evangelists to assist with a gospel media project. There are also options to participate in ministry in a variety of other ways such as English teaching, village outreaches, and worship/music ministry.

Local Engagement

You will be actively engaging with the life of a Thai or bilingual church in Chiang Mai.

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Be willing and able to commit to at least 12 months to Project Video

Be willing to serve and share media or other skills

Must possess a level of Biblical literacy and Christian maturity

Must have a heart for missions

Must be able to live and work independently, and be flexible

age range: 21+


Program Fee: $3000 (Includes the first 3 months of accommodation)

Estimated living expenses: $1000 per month

Estimated Flights / Setup Costs: $4000

Note: These numbers are estimated and will vary on a case by case basis.

Budget is in USD Currency

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the start and end dates of the program?

The program runs from the beginning January through to mid December.

Please email info@project-video.org to inquire about future Immersion dates or for more information.

Who makes the travel arrangements?

For traveling to Chiangmai it is up to the interns to make their own arrangements for getting to Chiangmai. In our experience, airlines don’t offer return tickets for trips longer than 3 months, so most people buy a one-way ticket and then buy another ticket closer to their return date. This also gives people the flexibility to extend their service time or to further explore Asia. 

Is there anything I should know about insurance policies?

Travel insurance that covers Asia is generally the most cost effective. For citizens of USA and Canada we recommend https://www.volunteercard.com/365plan

Is there anything I need to make sure I bring with me?

This will be covered in the Volunteer Preparation Guide. The guide will be sent to volunteers before the commencement of their program. It includes information on culturally appropriate clothing and what items are difficult to procure locally.

Should I start learning Thai before I come to Thailand?

Sure! It’ll give you a head start. Free lessons can be found at https://www.youtube.com/c/ThaiPod101

How in-shape do I have to be to do whatever work I would be doing?

A basic level of fitness is all that is needed. Being able to walk 3 miles (5km) is sufficient. We do need  to know of any pre-existing conditions, so please mention these in your application. 

Do I have to be careful about security and sensitive information in any respect? Is there anything I should not make known to the general public (partners, potential partners, etc.)?

Thailand is a free country, but some of the surrounding countries are not. Our general policy is not to use our full names online in anything linked to missions. We also do not make any mention online of any teams that are in those closed countries. They can be talked about in face to face meetings though.

Does PV have a system in place for processing money from partners? Do partners get a tax-deduction?

Project Video, Inc. is able to process your donations. Once you are accepted into the Immersion program, an account can be set up. 

Are there opportunities to be involved with or visit other ministries?

Yes, just discuss it with the leadership team before making any other commitments.

Will PV make arrangements for my housing, or is that up to me?

Project Video will make arrangements for housing for the first 3 months of the Immersion. During this time, volunteers are expected to look for their own accommodation, ready to move in to after the 3 month period. We can assist with this and there are some apartments close to our office.

How shall I go about getting a visa?

Currently, visas for Thailand can be applied for electronically. Please apply for the Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV) at https://thaievisa.go.th/signup

What immunisations might I need before traveling to Thailand?

Generally we recommend:

  • Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
  • Hepatitis A + B
  • Typhoid

Note that we don’t recommend trying to take Malaria medications for the whole year. Vaccinations and medicines are also available locally.

We welcome you to join our international team! Use media to inspire
and empower ethnic evangelism to spread the Gospel through Asia!

Applications have closed for the January 2024 intake of Immersion candidates. Please email info@project-video.org to inquire about future Immersion dates or for more information.