Online Giving

To give towards a specific project, please enter “#Project” as the designation during the donation process.


Use Debit or Credit

USA Mailing

To send in a check, please make out to ‘Project Video Inc.’ & post to:
Project Video, Inc.
PO Box 241221
St Paul, MN
55124 USA 

Please attach this note filled out to your donation for the correct designation.

Click here to download the Designation Note 

Australian Donors

For Australia, Project Video partners with Interserve to receive donations. The steps to giving are

  1. Go to www.interserve.org.au/give
  2. Choose ‘Interserve worker or Project’ as in the list of options for what you can give to. 
  3. Enter 1322.18 as the recipient code. That’s Project Video’s project number. 
  4. If you choose to do a bank transfer to Interserve’s account they ask that you write your name and then 1322.18 on the memo so they can track it. 

Interserve Donation Example

Interserve Donation Example


USA Stocks

Project Video now accepts donations of securities in the form of stocks or mutual funds.

We have attached a PDF with steps and more information about this type of donation.

Giving PDF

PV Proclaimers

Project Video’s Monthly Donors

Join a growing team of people committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus with unreached people by committing to make a monthly contribution to Project Video. You can support this outreach ministry in many ways through the giving methods listed above.

Proclamation Legacy

Project Video’s Estate Support 

By leaving Project Video a gift in your will and working now to support this ministry through your estate, you can proclaim the Gospel through video to future generations!